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Anita and me

Anita and Me

The Alhambra Theatre Tue 21 Mar - Sat 25 Mar

The Touring Consortium Theatre Company presents a Birmingham Repertory Theatre Company production of

Anita And Me
 by Meera Syal. Adapted by Tanika Gupta

This poignant coming-of-age tale follows Meena, a young girl growing up in the only Punjabi family in a 1970s Black Country mining village. Meena spends her days happily getting into scrapes with the other local children until one day the impossibly cool Anita enters her life. Suddenly Meena knows exactly who she wants to be but is Anita all that she seems? Soon Meena’s world is turned upside down as she is caught between two very different cultures.

Anita And Me paints a comic, poignant, compassionate and colourful portrait of village life in the era of flares, power cuts, glam rock, decimalisation and Ted Heath. It has been adapted for the stage by the multi-award-winning Tanika Gupta.

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Homeless in Homeland

Homeless in Homeland

Theatre in the Mill Fri 7 April

What and where is home? Combining poetry, dance, and character monologue, Sariyah Idan conveys a young Jewish-American woman’s struggle to understand her identity, her family, justice and the meaning of home through the lens of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Idan’s portrayal of seventeen vibrant and diverse Americans, Palestinians, and Israelis, uncovers a new Middle East of grief, daily struggle, and humour. Homeless In Homeland is a solo show in a documentary hip-hop theatre aesthetic, based on a trip taken by the writer-performer to the State of Israel and occupied Palestine.

‘A dramatic tour-de-force…not to be missed.’ – Hollywood Progressive

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The Believers are but Brothers

Stage@leeds Thu 20 & Fri 21 April

We live in a time where old orders are collapsing: from the postcolonial nation states of the Middle East, to the EU and the American election. Through it all, tech savvy and extremist groups rip through twentieth century political certainties.

Amidst this, a generation of young men find themselves burning with resentment; without the money, power and sex they think they deserve. This crisis of masculinity leads them into an online world of fantasy, violence and reality.

Writer and theatre maker Javaad Alipoor spent time in this digital realm, exploring the blurry and complex world of extremists, spies, journalists and fantasists. This bold one-man show weaves together their stories.

“A very special artist, and a very strong voice” – Madani Younis, Bush Theatre

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What if I Told You?

Theatre in the Mill Thur 8 June

Throughout Pauline’s life, people have made assumptions about her based on her gender, background and race. She’s defied these expectations at every turn, tearing up the narrative that society tried to impose on her. Now, Pauline is finally ready to tell the world her story. Carefully balancing dance and theatre, What If I Told You immerses us in Pauline’s world as she invites us to pause, breathe and reconsider the stories we tell about our past and the history on which we build our futures. Pauline Mayers is a choreographer and theatre-maker, who creates shows that come to life at the meeting point of dance and theatre.

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