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Brief Encounters at Bradford Interchange


Brief Encounters at Bradford Interchange

A site-specific theatre piece about Bradford Interchange inspired by the stories of people who work and travel through Bradford Interchange.

Brief Encounters at Bradford Interchange Trailer: Final Cut from Working Academy @ Bradford Uni on Vimeo.

Writer, Rav Sanghera:

‘On the surface, Bradford Interchange looks like a pretty ordinary place. You can catch a bus or a train from there. Or wait for a taxi. You might stop to buy a paper on your way to work. Maybe grab a coffee for the train ride home. It’s functional. Does its job. It’s not got the grandeur of some of the buildings in Bradford, like the Cathedral or The Wool Exchange. It’s relatively ordinary isn’t it?

Having spent time observing and chatting to people at the Interchange, I’d say absolutely not. It’s the most extraordinary place. You only need to stop and take it in for a moment and see the drama taking place around you. Like that woman in a hijab who’s left all her shopping with the woman with the red hair waiting for a bus. Do they know each another? Is she coming back for her shopping?

Or the group of friends on a bench outside Gregg’s. They look like they’re having a right laugh. There’s not room for all of them on the bench. One of them’s standing up. Does she feel a bit left out?

That man’s just pressed a button. For assistance I think. Now he’s talking to the cleaner. What kind of help does he need? Have I seen him before? How often has he pressed that button for help?

And there’s lots of these little moments happening all the time. Brief encounters. It’s like watching a play with a constantly changing cast of people from all sorts of backgrounds making their entrances and exits, providing the lifeblood of this big, beating heart of a building – the Interchange.

And so after talking to people who work and travel through the Interchange, as well as those in the wider community, I’ve written Brief Encounters at Bradford Interchange. It’s a series of interlinked plays taking the audience on a journey through the Interchange (including places you wouldn’t normally see) inspired by the people I met during my research – the brilliant, warm, generous people of Bradford.

Friends reunite, worlds collide, love blooms and pigeons fly all under one hour in one of Bradford’s great unsung theatres – The Interchange.’

The Performances took place on  6th to 10th October 2015 as part of Bradford Shine Festival

The production will take the form of a ‘relay’ piece, comprising  interlinking short stories where people from different backgrounds meet and are changed by their encounters.

Working in partnership with the Digital Academy at University of Bradford, the performance will be recorded as it happens and shown on Bradford’s Big Screen in City Park.

Brief Encounters Web Page:

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