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UK grime, Yorkshire brass, fish & chips and all in your local chippy!

Ayla’s a shy teenager, secretly dreaming of a grime music career. Gram’s a disillusioned, brass-loving, chip shop owner, falling out of step as the world changes around him. They’re like chalk & cheese – will they ever be fish & chips?

So many people across Yorkshire joined us as we toured northern fish & chip restaurants with this brand new UK-grime-versus-Yorkshire-brass show.

#ChipShoptheMusical celebrates traditional and emerging Yorkshire and British art and culture.

The show is written by Emma Hill, directed by Ben Occhipinti and co-produced by Emma Hill, Writes & Freedom Studios & Octagon Theatre Bolton.

The show was hosted by so many traditional and wonderful venues including the spiritual home of fish and chips – The Wetherby Whaler, Guiseley. See below for all the tour venues.

The pilot tour was supported by Seafish, the levy body representing the UK seafood industry and the Yorkshire Festival tour was commissioned as a Community Commission by Yorkshire Festival.

We had lots of amazing feedback from all of our audiences and a brilliant review from The Bradford Review:

‘The current situation for youngsters trying to find employment has been reflected very effectively within this play. The differences in the way each character viewed their ‘world’ really did come across. Then to see these ingrained feelings change was so enjoyable and heart warming too.’

‘I enjoyed the whole concept- especially the location! The flow/writing was great- the relationship between the actors was special- both actors were amazing! Loved the grime beats.’

‘There’s not many nights where you can witness such a well written and performed production and get fed into the bargain, and I doubt I’ll have been the only one leaving the chippy that night with both a new found interest in grime music and the wish that someone would produce a grime-and-brass-band crossover album.’ Philip Lickley – The Bradford Review

Click here to hear what the audience in Bradford thought of #ChipShoptheMusical.

Running Time: 30 minutes for a meal before the show, show length approximately 1 hour, no interval

Recommended for ages 14+


Pilot Tour 

Bolton: Olympus Restaurant

Bradford: In Plaice

York: Wackers

Dewsbury: Sea Urchin


Yorkshire Festival

Thirsk: The White Horse Cafe

Barnsley: Woody’s

Conisbrough: Seafish

Leeds: Nash’s Fish and Chip Restaurant

Guiseley: Wetherby Whaler (former Harry Ramsden’s)


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