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Magna Carta


Magna Carta on Trial

Mind the Gap and Freedom Studios have received £49,700 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for an exciting project called Magna Carta on Trial. Young people from Bradford will create a public commemoration event and a film that tell the extraordinary story and legacy of Magna Carta in 2015, its 800th anniversary year. The Magna Carta has played a vital role in establishing the principles of Freedom and Justice and human rights enjoyed by many global citizens today.

This exciting, collaborative project is led by a core group of Young People aged 12 – 25 from diverse communities across the city of Bradford, supported by lead partners, Freedom Studios and Mind the Gap, two prominent and award-winning Arts Council England funded theatre companies.

Magna Carta on Trial aims to:

– Educate and deepen young people’s understanding of the Magna Carta by exploring the context in which the Charter was forged, its journey through history and how it has affected world democracy over the last 800 years.   Asking questions such as – ‘What does ‘Freedom’ mean to different people?’  ‘What human rights do we take for granted?’  ‘How have concepts of Justice changed over 800 years?’

– Provide a range of active, creative opportunities and skills development training to enable young people to create a public commemoration event and a 10 minute film, Magna Carta in a Nutshell, to tell the story of the Magna Carta making it accessible to a wide audience, using a variety of interpretative approaches.

– Connect young people across the UK and internationally using digital technology enabling them to collaborate and pass on the story of Magna Carta to their contemporaries and communities.

Celebratory Event – 8th March 2016

More Information coming soon.


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