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Past Projects

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

This production explored the experiences and aspirations of older people in modern Britain.

We’re not good at dealing with old age in this country.  We shove people in a room and leave them sitting round a television. Some of them might want to be out on a motorbike…

Two years ago, Freedom Studios and Entelechy Arts asked a question – What is like growing older in contemporary Britain? And this led to more questions:

  • Where do we go and how do we fill our lives?
  • What happens to our bodies and brains as we get older?
  • Is decline an inevitable part of the ageing process?
  • What is it like to be in an old people’s home?
  • At what point do we ‘disappear’?
  • Most of us will grow old, thanks to modern medicine and improved social conditions,  – but what can we expect?
  • How are we as a society implicated in what happens to older people?

We wanted to understand the process and reality of ageing by working with older people from our local communities in Bradford and London. So, we have been actively engaged in an extensive research and development period with over 200 older people, aged 65 + from a variety of backgrounds including elders from the Ukrainian, Italian and Pakistani communities in Bradford, and from the Caribbean, West African Caribbean communities in south east London, as well as the white indigenous population.  We have collaborated with older people across generations, from 65 to 95 and older, and across cultures, in places where people come to meet, celebrate and experience each other.   We have investigated and discovered first hand, older peoples experiences of aging and the wider issues and impact on society of an aging population.

The production was as much about the creative journey for the participants as it was about the final work we make.

For more information about the Project, you can download the following documents here:

HSH & BOLD Evaluation Report FINAL

Appendix 8 Postcode Hotpots Albany Theatre

Appendix 8 Postcode Hotpots

ARC Appendix 8 Postcode Hotpots Freedom Studios

Appendix 9 HSH Bradford 1 Online Survey

Appendix 10 HSH Interview Schedule & Press Coverage

Appendix 11- Bold Festival Evaluation- Bradford

Appendix 12 BOLD Festival Evaluation Report – ARC


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