Alex’s Blog: Youth Theatre Update

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Our first six weeks of Youth Theatre are finished and it’s been my favourite term so far. We’ve looked at improvising, directing, writing monologues, playing Frankenstein (and his monster) and more. It’s been a ton of fun and now we look forward to creating our new play for the year. Our ideas so far look like it’s going to involve time travel, new planets and asking “what if schools didn’t exist?” We’re still very early but I think we have the basis for something really exciting.

If you are thinking of joining, now is definitely the time. You’ll be able to contribute more ideas, characters and lines into our final piece. We are really open and friendly to new participants. We have had many new people join us over the course of this year and they have all been warmly welcomed into the group. We have a laugh, play some games, write and improvise scenes and develop them into something even better.

We are back on the 12th November and run until the 17th December at Kala Sangam. If you know anyone 11-19 that may be interested please tell them to email yt@freedomstudios.co.uk.

I spend most of the session laughing at the brilliant stuff our group comes out with, I’ll leave you with my favourite line from our monologues “Where does all this Natural Beauty come from? Twas neither Mother nor Father, nor Aunt or Uncle. How could such plain people create this perfection?”

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