Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile Schools Offer!

Black Teeth

Calling all Secondary Schools in Bradford and surrounding areas!

In June, Freedom Studios are to stage Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile. An adaptation by award-winning screenwriter Lisa Holdsworth’s of Adelle Stripe’s novel about the celebrated playwright, Andrea Dunbar. Andrea Dunbar was raised on the Buttershaw council estate in Bradford, one of eight siblings. She was, according to one tabloid newspaper at the time, ‘a genius straight from the slums’. For this exciting new production (recommended for Age 14+) we are offering schools FREE workshops, teacher places and transport. We hope your school can join us!

For every 10 tickets booked for school students, Freedom Studios will provide:

  • Two complimentary tickets for school staff
  • Transport for from your school to The Ambassador and back again.
  • Half a days’ creative practical workshop in school. This can be divided to suit the needs of the school i.e 3 x hour long workshops with 3 different classes, or 1, 2.5 hour workshops.
  • Q and A with the cast and members of the creative team available after the production on request.

The school workshop will be delivered by professional theatre practitioners and prepared to suit the specific needs of the class. This can include:  


  • The social, cultural and historical contexts of Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile i.e give an insight into Buttershaw, Bradford and the UK while Andrea Dunbar was growing up and writing. Allow students to explore who Andrea Dunbar was and why we should celebrate her today.


  • Production skills demonstrated throughout the creative process. The process of adapting a play from a novel and the roles of various Freedom Studios team members. Various roles and skills used when creating a production. Explore why specific creative decisions have been made at a certain point in the production process. The design skills demonstrated in the production and the significance of site-specific work.


  • Characters and Plot How the play has been interpreted in the production and what messages the writer and director were trying to communicate. We will explore Andrea’s writing method and give participants an opportunity to go through a similar creative writing/theatre creative process.


Age Recommendation:

Black Teeth and a Brilliant Smile contains some adult language, sexual references, references to domestic violence and alcoholism. We recommend all audience members are at least 14 years old and have adult supervision.


To book please email: natalie@freedomstudios.co.uk


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