Canterbury Drama Group

Anna – Admin and Evaluation Intern – writes about Canterbury Drama Group.

Freedom Studios have been doing some brilliant work with young people using exceptional drama facilitators, Natalie Davies and Jude Wright. I have gone to help out at a few sessions with the Canterbury Drama Group led by Natalie. The young people are fantastic and really want to achieve something powerful through their performances. Natalie has worked with the group up until now to find out what they really want to say about Canterbury and about themselves. The main response, from what I can see in the show, is that these young people want to become empowered by their theatre, to change common perceptions of Canterbury and to prove they are just as capable as the next person to build a successful future without changing themselves or their background. No one expects theatre to change the world but Canterbury Drama Group definitely have enough passion and power in their words to change peoples perceptions who see their show.

I saw the first performance by Canterbury Drama Group several months ago and I think that the group has progressed even since then. Most of the group are confident performers now and just need a little push to help them believe in their abilities. I have been told that some of the group could not stand up and talk confidently when the sessions first started so there has definitely been some brilliant progress. The sessions Natalie has created are developing these young people and this is why drama is so important. Above all the group definitely have fun! It’s not all about developing these people into professional actors, this is the beauty of theatre in the community. It would just be nice to hear from these young people in the near future and hear them say – Drama Group built my confidence, Drama Group was really fun, I learnt something new at Drama Group.

The show is next Thursday and I can see that the group are gradually becoming more focused and excited as the date comes closer. The issues that the young people have chosen to address in this piece are real and touching. It’s going to be ace!


Canterbury Drama Group’s first performance – Photography Maria Spadafora

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