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This month has been busy but the theme of connection weaved through the month quite strongly…

The response to the professional database has been brilliant – as I type there are over 70 brilliant actors registered with the vast majority new to Freedom Studios – it is still open should you wish to add your name. Whilst we aren’t in a position to offer every actor work, we are exploring options to look after and promote this community of actors that will, we hope, make tangible differences to employability and skill levels. The talent is clearly in Bradford, the job now is to ensure that that talent is confident in itself and there are pathways for it to be seen in the district and beyond. Hopefully there’ll be more concrete things to share in next month’s blog…

Really pleased to say that our Youth Theatre, led by Alex Dunlop and Kerry Wright have big plans for next term (and beyond). Alex has blogged here about this term. Do sign up for next term and if you have any questions about Youth Theatre do get in with the team at yt@freedomstudios.co.uk. Do bear in mind that we are committed to making all our youth theatre activities accessible to all young people, we have an access fund to pay for taxis for a young person to attend if lack of transport is a barrier.

The culmination of the Introduction to Playwriting course (pictured above) led by WGGB chair Lisa Holdsworth was a sharing of participants’ scripts read by Kathryn Hanke, Sara Bahadori, Miles Kinsley (a member of the professional database making his Bradford and Freedom Studios debut) and Abdul Rahman Chunara. A great evening, showcasing the talents and learning journey of the participants (many of whom are all multi-disciplinary), Sarah Cartins, Kirsty Lambert, Katie Mae Carden, Jenny Mahon, Terence Rae, Ruth Berkoff, Skye Cottingham, Ali Amla, Holly Buck, and Stevie Cairns (do click on the links which the participants have provided; they will take you to their various profiles and contact details) which got me thinking about stories and journeys, what they are and why and how they happen…

…The stories that we tell create the narrative that we see in the world around us. If we’re constantly looking at stories that tell us that good things don’t happen, then guess what, good things won’t happen. The success of Bradford 2025 clearly shows that if we believe and look for positive and uplifting narratives then we will be positive and uplifted. This gorgeous film about Bradford speaks clearly to this idea. How can we uplift each other? How can Freedom Studios and the cultural industries uplift us all? Tell us… let’s see what we can make real. That can be your homework for this month!

Bradford is a global city with national and international cultural reach.

There’s a little festival called the Edinburgh Fringe happening in August and I’d like to highlight a few shows from, and/or connected to, the city which are up there… if you’re up you may wish to check out:

– One of the FIVE shows produced by our friends at Bloomin Buds who also run the Rockwell Centre in BD10

How To Be A Better Human by Chris Singleton who has previously done brilliant work with our youth theatre

My Voice Was Heard But It Was Ignored by Red Ladder directed by (ahem) me…

Shewolves by Sarah Middleton with Keeley Lane as Associate Director, who also directed Kat Rose Martin’s Round My Way

If you’re looking for things to do over August, we will be putting a call out for the next cohort of the Street Voices course so keep your eyes peeled for that – better yet, sign up to the mailing list to be amongst the first to know.

Stay well my friends, stay connected.

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