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There’s little doubt that there has been huge upheaval over the last few months and a testing time for us all to come.

What the last few months have taught us all is the importance of resilience and community. Resilience in the face of adversity is what makes heroes, and, I guess that that makes us all heroes.

If the resilience to learn a new skill is something that you’ve pushed through, then you’re a hero; if you have managed to find ways to look after yourself and those around you, then you’re a hero; if you’re summoning the courage to do something new in a different way then you too are a hero.

The thought of heroism is often something that is pushed away from us ‘mere mortals’ but I think that we need to look for everyday heroes and the communities that they are members of… Who are your heroes? And who are you a hero to?

Talking of heroes, by the time you read this we should have confirmed our Street Voices 9 cohort and we will let you know a little bit about each of them in time.

Please remember that you can still sign up for the actors database and writers database.

And if you know any young people who are interested in theatre, our youth theatre sessions go from strength to strength with skills being learned and friendships being formed. You can read more from Alex, our brilliant Youth Theatre Director, and sign up, here.

Until next month, when I promise I will lace the blog with some secret code to crack* stay safe, stay well, stay heroic

(*note to self: now that you’ve promised it you’re going to have to do it and maybe add some sort of prize for the winner…)

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