Fallen a little bit out of love

Emma Hill, Writer of ‘Tiger’

Emma Hill’s Blog

The Street Voices 4 course has been a real inspiration for me. I’d fallen a little bit out of love with the idea of writing for the theatre before I attended the course – now I’m fired up with the thrill of seeing my work performed live again and bursting with ideas that I want to write about for theatre.

One of the most helpful parts of the course has been working with actors and the Freedom Studios team during readings and workshops. I’ve found getting the opportunity to hear and see my work read aloud while I am still developing it to be invaluable.

I’ve met some really wonderful writers during the course as well and the Freedom Studios team have been so supportive, encouraging and welcoming. I felt secure in their company, which enabled me to take risks with my writing and dare to create something deeply truthful and honest from my own personal experience.

I have written about a relationship between a grown-up daughter, her father and a newcomer who is trying to help them both reconnect in some way. I have been inspired by all sorts of parts of mine and my extended family’s lives – on both my Mum and Dad’s sides of the family.

I have written an Anglo-Indian character into my story, as my Dad is Anglo-Indian and that community don’t have stories told about them very often. It has been very moving to write Tiger and a wonderful surprise to learn that Freedom Studios were able to cast a genuine Anglo-Indian actor in the role.

I’m so pleased with all three actors who’ve been cast and I can’t wait to see the shows being performed. Thank you Freedom Studios – you gave me my theatre mojo back!

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