Get your Thili out

Week 8: “Get your Thili out!”

Sorry for missing a couple of weeks. Been just a bit manic and needed to catch my breath. But hey, we’re back!

Very exciting day with Punjabi Roots Academy Director Davinder Singh. The students got to grips with the thili and dagga and gave dhols a good beating. (Punjabi drumming in the language of the less knowledgeable.)

We’re trying to introduce some musical elements to the project and since Undercliffe and Carlton Bolling are in the heart of BD3 it seemed logical to bring in some south Asian music to our project. Many of the students we’re working with are from European rather than Asian backgrounds so this was all very new to them. It was really satisfying to see previously quieter members of the group really engaged and having fun. Without words to deal with, or difficult movements, they really threw themselves into it. And as badly coordinated as I am (I left all sense of balance and grace in my mother’s womb) I gave it a go, made a proper fool of myself, and had fun! Ever need to liven up proceedings? Give these guys a call!

Punjabi Roots – Davinder Singh: 07706 832 596    Email: info@punjabirootsacademy.com

Not sure how. But pretty sure that the thilis will out again when the project comes to a close with a performance of truly epic proportions and walls of sound.  May

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