I imagine #FutureBradford to be…

Future Bradford 2

Freedom Studios is passionate about Bradford and getting to know the people who live and work here. At the moment we are interested in what you think Bradford will be like in the future- near or far. We’re looking for people to get involved with our #FutureBradford conversation – whether it be a tweet, poem, drawing or photograph– we want to hear your thoughts on the future of this great city. Some of you may see a bright and fruitful future where others may not – either way we are interested in what you have to say.

If you would like to get involved all you need to do is start sharing what you think Bradford will be like in the future from the 5th September with the hashtag #FutureBradford. If this conversation inspires you to get creative you can either post what you have made yourself or send it to anna@freedomstudios.co.uk who will share this on the Freedom Studios social media sites. We’re looking to share and publish the most creative, interesting, amusing and thought provoking answers as part of our new website which will be launched in October.

Freedom Studios main aims throughout our #FutureBradford conversation is to to give you a voice and platform to tell it like you see it and we are keen to connect with the people of Bradford and bring vibrant theatre to new audiences in the city.

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