Manifesto For Live Digital Art


Live art is, by definition, live. The encroachment of the digital world is seen by some as a replacement for it. But there is a real potential to create work for the ‘live digital’ medium as a separate entity. Below are some ideas as to what ‘live digital’ art should (and could) be:

– learn how your equipment works. Use it to its fullest extent.
– be prepared to improvise.
– be fleet of foot; work for, and with, your audience.
– it can take you into places that you don’t always get to go; the rehearsal room for example.
– don’t aim to simply film a ‘live’ recorded version.
– do not document, create.
– create a community of shared experience.
– fuel world building (after defining what that ‘world’ could or should be)
– create interesting engagement
– gamification can create a sense of ‘live’-ness; individual experience mapped onto mass engagement.
– make it accessible
– open a space for diverse voices
– do not make something which could be definitively made on stage or for film; ‘live digital’ sits in the gap between the two.
– it has to be necessary; every moment has to have a reason for being and a meaning to engage with.
– don’t be tied to geography
– use the imagination of theatre, the realisation of film, and the layers of games
– there should be a narrative but that needn’t be one that confirms with Freytag and friends.
– go to the audience; don’t ‘expect’ them to come to you (think of flash mobs).

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