Future Young Leaders Group


Have you ever considered a future career in the arts or creative industries? Our Future Young Leaders Group could put you on a path to make that happen. 

The creative industries are a big sector with a huge range of jobs and careers. There are people who make all sorts of brilliant things happen, like writers, actors, directors and other artists. However, as equally important are the people who build the worlds and create the environment where making those brilliant things are possible. People who build teams that support each other. People who are creative thinkers, have a vision and a voice. People who can work collaboratively and inspire others.  

We all know that getting into the creative industries is tough. Many young people face challenges and situations that stand in their way. These can be based on where you live, what opportunities you have access to, or it can be a feeling that you don’t have the experience, confidence or knowledge to chase that dream. To many young people it just doesn’t seem possible. Here at Freedom Studios we want to change all that and invite young people to work WITH us and shape what we are and what we do as a new writing theatre company in Bradford.   

We are looking for:  

  • Young People ages 16 to 25 .
  • Who are interested in a future creative career with a commitmentted to learning and developing new skills? 
  • Willingness to work collaboratively.  
  • An organised, reliable, and professional attitude. 
  • An understanding of how young people’s programmes contribute to the personal and social development of young people. 
  • Available for sessions between January 2023 and May 2024. 


How do you get the skills? How do you get noticed? How do you get that closed door to open?  

This group will offer young people based in Bradford and its districts the opportunity to gain the confidence, knowledge and skills to understand how the creative industries work, and to have the ambition to be part of the next generation of cultural leaders.  

We are looking to form a group of ten young people aged 16 to 25, who are interested in a future creative career. Over six months we will deliver ten sessions in which young people will learn about how the creative industries work and gain practical understanding from Freedom Studios and other cultural organisations and businesses. We also want to hear from you, your thoughts, experiences and opinions. You will also have the opportunity to input into Freedom Studios planning and help shape its future. 


The Future Young Leaders Group will involve:  

  • Gaining knowledge about the UK creative sector, how it works and who does what. 
  • Gain an understanding of a range of arts practice. 
  • Gain a practical understanding of how Freedom Studios operates as a cultural organisation, its business model and long-term strategy. There will also be the opportunity to contribute to future planning and evaluation with at least one session with Freedom’s board of trustees. 
  • Introductory sessions to other cultural organisations including Bradford Producing Hub, Kala Sangam and City of Bradford Metropolitan Council 
  • Explore Creative Leadership and what is means to be a ‘leader’. 
  • Professional confidence building exercises, skills development and training. 
  • Individual mentorship. 
  • CV creation and interview skills. 
  • Contribution to Freedom Studios Bradford Voices project and showcase. 
  • Arts Award Qualification. 

The Future Young Leaders Group will take place over ten main sessions from December 2023 to May 2024. Members will also receive three individual mentoring sessions and there will be room to explore areas that individual members are interested in that may not appear above.  



To apply, send us a paragraph (up to 400 words) explaining who you are (name, age ), what your interests are (hobbies and creative interests!) and why you think you would make a great ‘Future Young Leader’. 

Please email, along with an Equal Opportunities form to Alex Dunlop, Youth Theatre: yt@freedomstudios.co.uk 

Full Job Pack here>>

Freedom Studios Monitoring Form for Equal Opportunity here>> 

Deadline: 19th January 2024 – 12pm

This opportunity is made possible with Arts Council England, Bradford Youth Fund and City of Bradford Metropolitan Council. 

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