Pigeons, Bunting and Maisonettes

Sally Goldsmith – Writer’s blog

Tomorrow and Sunday the performances are almost sold out – everybody’s friends, aunties, workmates coming – as well as The Arts Council.

Today Deborah and I head up to the centre armed with Windolene, fairy lights, plastic pigeons, dog poo bags and bunting. Pat’s brought some pictures from the 1960s for the wall. There she is outside her prefab – an Amy Winehouse look-alike with her towering beehive, all lacquer and attitude.

Last night, the first rehearsal of whole cast and choir, Uncle Pete rivaling Richard Hawley for the best Sheffield crooner, accompanied by his backing singers The Maisonettes.

I love this time – its air of anticipation and collective excitement. How people suddenly understand what it is to work together. And though a poet and songwriter for some time, this is a first for me – a whole script in verse and song and somehow a sort of Sheffield Under Milk Wood – earthy, but high, airy, windy, on the edge…

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