Bradford Voices Showcase

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Freedom Studios presents a two-day showcase of new writing talent created in our region and with our communities.

We’ve been busy uncovering local stories, hidden talents and loud and proud Bradford Voices. The first evening showcases our work with young people and the second is a jam-packed performance of new plays from some of Bradford’s best new writing talent, along with community co-created work. Bradford Voices will showcase the rich mix of our city and what makes us unique. There will be the opportunity to have your voice heard too, with hosted discussions on key cultural issues as part of both events.


Bradford Voices: Young People

When: 9th March 2024, 6pm

Where: Mind The Gap

We will be presenting new short plays and spoken word from our Young Writers Studio Group:

Echoes of Britannia: A Brown Rhapsody – Written by Leila Ginns

Echoes of Britannia is about a girl trying to navigate the world while being brown and British and being told the two are not symbiotic.

Monday Morning – Written by Oliver Mellor

In a life where disappointments continue to exist, Smith attempts to find his footing within society but it takes a tattooed girl from Birkenhead to really open his eyes.  Inspired by writer and professional fantasist, Oliver Mellor’s experiences under society’s suffocating grasp and adoration of Kitchen Sink Dramas. Monday Morning highlights the struggle and neglect teenagers endeavour through stereotypes and expectations.

Mr Spinner’s Game Show – Written by Owen Bolton

Twisted Mr Spinner isn’t the usual gameshow host and Casey and Reily aren’t playing for a cash prize or a 5- star holiday…They’re playing for their own peace of mind.

Birthday – Written by Viktorija Poremska

In this monologue, an individual reflects on their 18th birthday while battling sickness. Struggling with the dichotomy of fearing both adulthood and clinging to the comforts of childhood, they recount past wishes and ponder what to wish for this year. The narrative delves into their uncertainty about love, family, and self-worth, capturing a moment of vulnerability as they question their own sense of belonging and significance.

Freedom Studios Youth Theatre

There will also be work-in-progress performances from our two Youth Theatre Groups. Expect unique insights, buckets of imagination and original takes on our world today.

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Bradford Voices: Talent Development and Community Co-Creation

When: 10th March 2024, 6pm

Where: Mind The Gap

Join us for a fast-paced evening of new writing. including short plays from our newly formed Writers Studio Group, Community Co-Created work and performances of original new work. Performances include:

It’s a Waterful Life!

Written by Kamal Kaan in collaboration with The Bradford Belles.

Directed by Tess Seddon

Performed by Jeanette Percival & Andrea Crewe

Deana and Sue are two fabulously feisty Bradford ladies, but life has dealt some difficult hands of late. Can an Aquacise class at Shipley Pool be the answer they are looking for or is it a dive too deep? When in doubt, pool it out!

Service with a Smile

Written and performed Izzie Smith

Margaret once told me

Her dream was to dance

But, “Father said it wasn’t a proper job.”

Worlds collide as an actor shares her imposter syndrome working as a cleaner to fund her creative vocation. A dreamily realistic piece of spoken word.

Sicilian Defence

Written by Haleema Begum

Directed by Graeme Thompson

Performed by Faye Weerasinghe & Harry Brook

Bailey, I really don’t want to argue. It’s exhausting and I haven’t got the time.

School is tough for Bailey. He hasn’t quite figured out his survival strategy. There is one teacher who sees past the angst, but she’s under pressure too. Is this enough to change the path others have laid out for him?

Voices of Bradford: A Spoken Word Mockumentary

Written and performed by Hassan Kahn, Sammy Dee & Hannah Mullen.

A ground-breaking theatre mockumentary project that aims to explore the lives, struggles, and aspirations of white and brown/black working- class families in Bradford, England.

You Got Bars

Curated by Kemmi Gill and Hassan Kahn

A mixture of undiscovered musical storytelling magic.

Small Protests

Written by Rebecca Glendenning- Laycock in collaboration with Equity Partnership Community Groups.

Directed by Graeme Thompson

Performed by Andrew C. Husband, Carolyn Edan and Sarie Day

I block a lot of political content. Trying to eat your breakfast and there’s kids who’ve been bombed, the housing crisis, and then some politician taking the piss out of poor people, one after another. I don’t want to see it.

Liv is waiting for their first date, but the location they have picked isn’t exactly ideal. Suddenly surrounded by a protest, Liv and their two new found friends must find an understanding to make it through.

Fairweather Enemies or Trapped in a Coal Cellar

Written by Kat Rose-Martin in collaboration with Joe Luscombe, Beenal Shingadia, Chris Cambell, Ellie Cansdale, Richard Rhodes, Kristina Diprose, Andrea Capstick, Beccy Durham, Mariyam Karolia, Ruby Rall. This group was brought together in partnership with Bradford Producing Hub.

Directed by Tess Seddon

Performed by Lisa Howard & David Carpenter

Amber weather warning. Well they cocked that up good and proper. That was threat to life right there. Ofcom will hear about this.

Kit and Silvia live next-door to each other but couldn’t be further apart. When a freak storm traps them in a coal cellar they can avoid each other no longer. Is this the end of days or can Silvia’s limited-edition grab stick save them? If not, can Kit reach help via Hinge?

Post-Show Talk

Following performances, we will be joined by leading industry figures, including Paines Plough, Gitika Buttoo- Regional Associate for Tamasha Theatre and Bradford playwright Kirsty Taylor, for a panel discussion and Q&A exploring the challenges currently facing new writing and how we can build opportunities at a regional level?

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