Ice Cream Opera


Two star crossed lovers, one Ice cream cone!!

From Skipton Building Society Camerata and Freedom Studios in association with Spin Arts comes the world premiere of Ice Cream: The Opera, Ian McMillan’s new opera about two warring ice cream vendor families from Yorkshire who come together through song, ice cream and love.

Ice Cream: The Opera will have its world premiere at City Park as part of the Bradford Festival on Sunday 30 July at 1pm,3pm & 5.15pm

Performed in two actual ice cream vans, Ice Cream: The Opera tells the story of Romano and Geetha who have fallen in love. Their families own rival ice cream companies in the city and have been engaged in a turf war for generations. A bitter battle plays out between the parents; insults are hurled, jingles are amplified and weapons are brandished. Geetha and Romano proclaim their love and try in vain to calm the situation, but are caught in the crossfire with dramatic consequences.

Ice Cream: The Opera is a contemporary chamber opera for four singers inspired by the tale of Romeo and Juliet. The music, performed live, is in the rich tradition of 19th century romantic opera with a twist, given by a flavour of Indian music and a libretto full of unmistakable Yorkshire vernacular wit and warmth, sure to grab the imagination, stir the heart and engage.

Commissioned by Freedom Studios, Young Opera Venture and Spin Arts.

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