Revolution Bradford…

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Revolution Bradford

November 1917 The start of the Russian Revolution…

November 1967 Albert Hunt and students of Bradford College recreate the Russian Revolution and start a revolution in arts and theatre…

7 November 2017 The new revolution starts here. In Bradford…

Freedom Studios and theatre-maker Tim Wheeler invite you to be part of Revolution: Bradford.

Revolution: Bradford is a game you can play and a theatrical event you can be part of, which imagines how to make a better world.

Revolution: Bradford starts with a ‘Capture the Flag’ game played in and around City Park where YOU are the player.

  • 4pm – 4.30pm Meet at City Park when you will be given instructions and any equipment you need. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear and prepare to get wet!
  • 4.30-5.30pm Play the Game: Change the World! Be the first to plant your flag. Capture your opponents flag. Try to stay out of Jail. Can you win your opponents on to your side? Or can they win you onto theirs?
  • 5.30pm Storming of City Hall the game moves to City Hall to take over the seat of power. Can you get in without being spotted?
  • 6pm – 7pm Revolutionary Youth Council Young People taking over the Council Chamber. Using Interactive theatre, lead by Young People of Bradford, we come up with and vote for new laws for Bradford.

Just stay for the game or for the whole event. Or play along at

It is free to participate – Book a place in the game here>>>

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