Street Voices 9 Sharing


Street Voices is our flagship writers programme which has aided the careers of many successful writers across eight iterations. Come to see what the ninth cohort has created under the guidance of playwright Leon Fleming.

We recently held a sharing of new work from our cohort of 8 strong northern writers, our latest Street Voices cohort; Stevie Carins, Robyn Vinter, Krista Durand, Georgina Jovanovic, Ali Amla, Amy Lever, Jenny Mahon and Rob Gilroy. Our writers took on the bold, beautiful, political and heart-breaking experiences of life. Everything from colonialism, to reflections on middle age and regret, cancel culture, abuse, power and family are the heart of these new works in development, all performed by our agile cast of actors.

Street Voices 9 Gallery

Photos by Tom Woollard

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