Tales from Undercliffe by Gary Pang

Week One

So we’re off! Tuesday March 5th, a day that will be remembered as the moment in history when talented new to English students started on their way to fame and fortune. Future Oliviers, Biebers and Jolies had their first taste of drama with Freedom Studios and it was an enormous success.

Dragons flew out of picture books; a dog married a woman; and we learned that when walking to school in the morning it’s not uncommon to be attacked by giant robots or abducted by aliens!!! Who knew that BD3 could be such an exciting place? And this is only the beginning!

Week Two

March 12th. Despite the absence of Mr Pang and the presence of Rude Boy in a baseball cap (yes, we will hunt you down and take it off you!) the folk from Freedom Studios had a great day. We’re getting to grips with the tec and the students are really throwing themselves into the challenges of communicating emotion with no movement and only their eyes. Jealousy, fury, and ‘really needing the toilet’ (it’s called desperation Tom…) were all pulled off in style and grace. There are pix to prove it. We’re just waiting for a little thing called permission before we share them with you.

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