Rehearsing with Thelma, Marie, Pat and Sally

PAT: So, Tom, you done this before then? This directing?

TOM: Yes,. I’ve worked for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Cat calls and giggles.

SALLY: Really?

TOM: Well, I was only an assistant director there.

PAT: But stuff like this?

TOM: What, poetry?

PAT: Oh, no, doing this with people like us. (Beat.) Y’know, riff raff.

TOM: Erm, I used to do a lot of work in South London, where they checked the kids for knives.

PAT: Oh, you’ll have no problem here then.

MARIE: That lot were smoking that wacky backy out the front of mine last night. That ‘crack’. Smelled awful.

THELMA: You do speak proper though, don’t you?

TOM: Well, I’m from York.

LADIES: (Knowingly.) Ah.

TOM: And my mum was a teacher, so she taught me how to speak like this.

THELMA: Yes, my dad were strict, wouldn’t let us say ‘thee’ or ‘thou.’

MARIE: Yeah, they wouldn’t let us speak natural at school, would they?

PAT: This bit here – do I have to say ‘We had a TV too’? Can’t I just say ‘We had a TV?’

TOM: Well, you’re showing off in this bit. You had a washing machine and a TV.

PAT: Yeah, we did! We were reight posh!


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