Week 12: Making Masks

Remember these?


A brilliant day with the students spent making masks for their presentations. We were very fortunate to have Nerissa Cargill Thompson come into school and work with us and the students were able to create some amazing works of art in under two hours!

A few weeks ago Group One created puppets out of everyday household objects such as wooden spoons, plastic bottles and whisks.  Today we attempted to breathe even more life into their designs by making masks based on their puppets. The results were remarkable.

After sketching out some ideas on paper we literally got stuck in with the task. PVA glue and tissue paper were used to add detail and colours to base masks, and we couldn’t resist the odd feather or two.


Group One were tasked with making gargoyle masks. At first they were a bit hesitant and wanted to make something smooth and pretty but later they too got stuck in and the results were suitably gruesome. Once they’re painted up they’ll look amazing and used creatively with movement and dance they’re sure to wow our audiences.

And what are all these masks for? You’ll have to keep reading next week to find out!

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