Week 15: Whatever can it all mean?

Well, just two weeks to go until our students reveal what they’ve up to for the past 5 months. It’s been a brilliant period of creativity and exploration. We’ve had wonderful support and inspiration from the very talented Ian Teague who has helped our students create and bring life to their creations. To think it all started with plastic bag puppets and some wooden spoons!

We’ve also been taking inspiration from Shaun Tan’s The Arrival, a mysterious and magical graphic novel which tells the story of every migrant, every refugee and every displaced person who has ever had to make that difficult and often traumatic journey from the lands of their birth to the lands of their futures. It’s a perfect metaphor for what so many of our ‘new to English’ students must experience when they arrive in Bradford.

Into this mix we added a student doing a perfect impression of a teddy bear, paper overall suits and lots of paint splashes. We’re still not quite sure of how it’ll all come together but one thing is certain: sunglasses will be required. Whatever it becomes it’s going to be a bright presentation!

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