Working on #ChipShoptheMusical

(Written by Anna Parker – Administration and Evaluation Intern)

#ChipShoptheMusical is a fun and vibrant show and I have really enjoyed working on it so far! Part of that enjoyment has probably been due to the surge of Yorkshire spirit this show produces in me.

Chip Shop was in Bradford for a week (23rd – 27th May) at the In Plaice fish and chip shop. I had the difficult task of collecting feedback from audience members, which thankfully, turned out to be an easy and delightful experience! Every night the audiences were very excited about the performance and sat quietly filling in the feedback forms straight after the show had finished. I even got some video feedback. Wow! It felt very good to be working on a show that was adored by the audience and because the show is brilliant it made my job a lot easier. It was to talk to people after the show had ended.

Prior to the show, I’ve been working on recruiting volunteers for Chip Shop and future projects. I have met some lovely people who did brilliant work at #ChipShoptheMusical in Bradford and I will definitely call on them with voluntary opportunities in the future. For a theatre company like Freedom Studios, I think it is really important to have an enthusiastic bunch of volunteers who are interested in the work we do and get something out of their experience with us. If you’re reading this and thinking – I would like to get involved – there is now an application form on the jobs & opps page of this website. I would love to have more people added to the list of volunteers.

Whilst I was working on Chip Shop in Bradford, I didn’t actually get to see the performance in its full glory. From what I did see however, it was brilliant, and I have got myself a ticket for the show in Dewsbury. I expect some more Yorkshire realness to be served up at the Sea Urchin, proper fish n chips, no messin’ abart.

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