Youth and Participation

Summer School, Placements and other Youth Opportunities


Every summer we run a 5-day long Summer School for Bradford based 11 – 19-year-olds. This is a fun, creative and active week, packed full of laughter and friendship.


In 2018 we worked with professional filmmaker Dermot Daly to make short films in various locations around Bradford. Young people worked in small groups to create a story that they then performed and films on their mobile phones. We used free editing software to make the final films. This meant that everyone could continue to make films for the rest of the summer!


2019’s Summer School will be during the week commencing 5th August. More information will be available on the Freedom Studios website in the coming months.




We take school placements on a case by case basis depending on the timetable of the organisation. We ensure we can provide a varied and dynamic experience, that gives a true insight into the workings of our organisation.


If you would like to make an inquiry please email


Training for Facilitators:


In April 2019 we delivered our a free training session for facilitators. It covered how to thoroughly structure and plan a theatre workshop so you can get the most out of your participants and apply your creative practise to educational settings.


Aims and objectives: Why is it useful to set targets for each workshop. How to set SMART aims and objectives.

Structuring and scaffolding: How to structure an exercise, workshop and scheme of work. How to guide a participant through a creative process, where they have ownership over their learning experience.

Explaining and Questioning: How to give clear instructions and ask the right questions.


We plan to deliver further training opportunities in the future. These will be advertised through our mailing list and social media. Please contact if you would like more information.

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