Community Co-Creation Workshops


Freedom Studios want to find the stories that are important to you. Stories from across Bradford’s diverse geographical landscape and the diverse communities who live here. These could be stories that have shaped you, stories that cheer you up in the morning, give you guidance to the way you live, tell you what to do, what not to do, or just something that happens in your everyday life. These stories can come from your real-life experience or they can come straight out of your imagination. We simply want them to mean something to you.

Freedom Studios is putting together a series of community co-creation storytelling workshops open to community groups across Bradford and its districts. This could be a full day workshop or a series of smaller workshops. We will explore what stories mean to you and your community, what stories you think are important and need to be heard. We will then work together to create those stories in a theatrical way. From the material we create a professional playwright will create a short 10- minute play that will be performed by a professional actor as part of our Bradford Voices project.

If you are involved with a community group and maybe interested in taking part in this project please contact hello@freedomstudios.co.uk

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